National Academy High School was established in 1995 A.D. At the heart of Kathmandu with a sheer goal of result-oriented qualitative academic excellence carrying slogan 'Education for life'. Today’s world is changing rapidly with miraculous discoveries at the very entrance of new millennium. Hence, we have to build up a child as high spirited, capable and efficient in order to cope with the post modern changing world. To meet this goal, NAHS has been making ample effort to empower the students with scientifically innovative and practically modern teaching methods. Our utmost dream is to produce career-based independent citizens who will be responsible for nation-building mission as masons of 'NEW NEPAL'. For changing the prevailing thought into action, relevant and value-oriented education is only the tool to achieve this dream for which NAHS is deeply dedicated.
We have qualified, experienced and well-trained teaching staff with pedagogical proficiency, philosophical intuition, child psychological pursuit and perfect professionalism. Therefore, they are dynamic, self-motivated and perseverant. It is our pride that we are achieving 100% excellent result with distinction in SLC board every year form 2002 A.D. onwards. Our schooling prepares each student to live and lead in all the Endeavour. ``Ideal moral character for ideal citizens`` so that major focus centers to ``Discipline First`` for intellectual growth with physical, spiritual and emotional perfection to develop their full potential for leadership to produce moral leaders which will unveil the value of truth, justice and peace.

Mission Statement

NAHS is committed to produce the real leaders of all the domains. It offers quality programs to enrich both competence and performance simultaneously for career based education empowering students with versatile perspectives.

Admission Procedures

Admission form along with prospectus are provided from the school and entrance exam is given after the personal details have been filled up in the form ( except for the play Group and Nursery). Admission is granted on the basis of merit list. The new comers with distinction(80%+) need not attend the entrance test. The admission form should be submitted with original mark-sheet and transfer certificate.

Evaluation procedures

The syllabus undertaken by the students are monitored during the year using internal system of continuous assessments as class test, unit test and terminal examinations – 1st term, Mid term, 2nd term and Final exam. The students must gain 40% of total evaluation to get class promotion.

Prime Location

National Academy High School lies in the heart of Kathmandu, i.e. Buddhanagar, New Baneshwor, south of Krishna Tower (opposite HAMS Hospital) with peaceful surroundings, away from hustle and bustle of the city. Tranquil atmosphere of the locality is the heaven for learners to study freely and fairly beyond any disturbance.